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Helping startups grow and monetize their email lists

@BridgetteSalley | 8 Aug 2018

Hello! Tell the readers who are you and what do you do.

My name is Bridgettel and I help startups grow and monetize their email lists.

Why freelancing instead of a full-time job?

Besides the fact that I’m not a morning person? I really just hate not being able to progress in my career in the way that I think makes sense. I also wanted something more stable. For example, when you have a regular full-time job, you are hired to do one thing or a set of things every single day. What happens when you outgrow those tasks or that specific job? In some companies, it’s easy to move around within the organization but that’s not always the case.

I know the stability thing doesn’t really make sense because freelancing does involve an element of risk. But when you think about it, so does having a full-time job. You’re putting all of your eggs (income) into one basket. What happens when you get laid off or get fired? Your job has no obligation towards you in any way. You’re just there to fulfill a business need and when that is no longer needed, they will let you go. It’s important to me to have control over my income.

For those interested in getting into your field, who should they follow on social media other than you?

Biggest challenges you've faced when you started freelancing?

The biggest challenges were finding clients and feeling confident enough to approach them. I know most people start on sites like Upwork, which can be a great source for lead generation, but it’s easy to get stuck there bidding against other insanely low priced freelancers. Look everywhere for clients, use Reddit, Craigslist, remote job boards, slack channels, even your Facebook friends. I’ve learned there is someone out there that needs your help and they are willing to pay.

Your worst experience with a client? And how to avoid that situation.

I ignored all of the red flags with this client. In our very first conversation, he told me my rate was too high (!!!!) and that as a “new” freelancer I should lower it. I should have walked away right then but I was really desperate for my first client so I proceeded with the discovery call and later onboarding.

A piece of advice for those who want to start freelancing

Have a plan. I know this sounds silly because it’s freelancing, but you’re basically starting your own businesses. You need to have a plan in place for when things start to get rough (and they will). Sticking to a plan will help you structure your business and figure out your goals and how to reach them. Also, never ever let someone talk you into substantially lowering your price. Only work with people that value you and don’t see you as a cheap commodity. These people will bring you nothing but headaches and won’t be appreciative of your work.

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