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Starting an environmentally conscious marketing agency

@ashventurouss | 8 Aug 2018

Hello! Tell the readers who are you and what do you do.

My name is Ashley Evans and I'm a San Diego based entrepreneur, environmentalist, and marketing consultant. In January 2017, I founded ENVI Marketing, a social media marketing agency that specializes in engagement, growth, and branding for environmentally conscious clients. When I'm not working, you can find me drinking wine in the park, picking up trash, or laying out at the beach.

Why freelancing instead of a full-time job?

I created ENVI Marketing because I didn't see any marketing agencies representing the kind of clients I wanted to represent. Social media is barraged with beauty influencers and fast-fashion ad campaigns. I wanted to create an agency that represented clients that are creating great products that are even better for the planet.

For those interested in getting into your field, who should they follow on social media other than you?

I swear by online courses. Check out Linkedin Learning, Facebook Blueprint, or any Google Academy certifications.

Biggest challenges you've faced when you started freelancing?

When money got tight in the first year, I lost sight of my initial vision to meet the bottom line. I ended up taking on a bunch of clients that didn't align with ENVI's mission and this quickly led to my own burnout. Now, I would spend a few weeks eating top ramen before losing sight of my goals again.

Your worst experience with a client? And how to avoid that situation.

In my first year, billing was always a nightmare. Clients would avoid my emails, argue the billing date, not have their credit card on hand... You name it! Now my contracts include strict deadlines and stipulations for any missed billing period. There are still headaches, but far less than before.

A piece of advice for those who want to start freelancing

Take the boring stuff into account. Taxes, healthcare, and future savings shouldn't be overlooked to create your own schedule. Freelancing takes a lot of work and money can get tight between clients. Make sure you're prepared for the slow seasons!

Thanks for reading! ❤️

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