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Meet the coach who helps freelancers turn their dreams into reality

@dreamprojectors | 8 Sep 2018

Hello! Tell the readers who are you and what do you do.

Hi readers! I’m Mel Larsen the Dream Project Coach. I help small business owners and freelancers create a big vision for their future and then use the right mindset and strategies to make it all happen. My clients tend to be entrepreneurial and mostly from creative, caring or well-being sectors and typically they get results like new product or service ideas, new clients and increased income.

Why freelancing instead of a full-time job?

I’ve been freelancing for over 20 years and I absolutely love the choice, freedom and huge variety it brings. As well as being a business coach I am also a freelance Marketing Consultant for arts and cultural organisations. My consulting work has taken me to Australia, South Africa, Europe and most recently across Russia. I’ve met so many interesting and wonderful people, it’s been amazing.

For those interested in getting into your field, who should they follow on social media other than you?

The world-class coaches I admire are Lisa Nichols, Tony Robbins and Ali Brown. Amy Porterfield and Tim Ferriss are great on practical stuff. They are all awesome.

Biggest challenges you've faced when you started freelancing?

I guess I faced the same challenges anyone faces when doing something new which are primarily, knowing how to get started, working out what to prioritize and maintaining self-belief and commitment when the going gets tough. In my field you need to be visible online and on-stage so I had to learn how to speak in public even though initially I was terrified!

Your worst experience with a client? And how to avoid that situation.

I found it hard to think of an answer to this as I’ve actually been very lucky with my clients, although each contract comes with its own set of challenges. However years ago I had a organisation based client that heavily delayed on their payment for no good reason. I don’t have much patience for that kind of rude behavior since I work hard for my clients and the get great results. I also pay my bills promptly especially to small businesses and freelancers. I dealt with it by calling them and being very firm! They paid pretty quickly after that. I’m pleased to say they also hired me again too so no harm done. I know late payment can be a big issue for small business and it’s best dealt with by having clear payment terms plus consequences of late payment written down and agreed upfront.

A piece of advice for those who want to start freelancing

Have a big vision for the lifestyle, business and clients you want. It may seem out of reach now, but you will grow and learn how to make it all happen. Life is too short to bumble along, so go for what you really want. Also be clear about the difference you want to make to your clients and to the wider community as that passion will guide you and sustain you through all manner of challenges.

For guidance on creating and seeing through a vision, I invite you read my book, ‘Turn your Vision into Results’, you can get a free chapter via my website.

Thanks for reading! ❤️

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