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Hey listen! 🧚

About 🙋🏻‍♂️

Hello! I'm the guy behind Freelance Tips, you can call me Mascarell. The logo was made by my friend HJ.

Interviews 🎬

If you want to get interviewed or have someone you really like to appear on the site, dm the account on twitter so we can talk further, it's completely free and only takes 10/15mins to answer everything!

Contact 📫

If you have any questions or feedback to improve the site or you are considering sponsoring the website, please contact me through

Money 💲

I accept donations through Buy me a coffee. I'm also open to sponsorships right now.

Tech 🔧

For those interested in the stack I'm using for the website: Javascript with Node and too many npm packages, MongoDB for storing data and Heroku to host the application.