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Crowdsourced list of useful advice and tips for freelancers 🎓

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24 Oct 2018

Try to work out, without being healthy, you don't have a business.

24 Oct 2018

Respect yourself and your knowledge and charge accordingly for your services.

23 Oct 2018

If a company is big enough that their exposure will really help you, they can ( and should ) pay you.

22 Sep 2018

Don't bite more than you can chew. Accept only the projects you know you'll be able to deliver on time

10 Aug 2018

Less (services) is more (money). Focus on a few core services, and then get really good at them

9 Aug 2018

Identify your comfort zone (mental or physical), and force yourself out of it

30 Jul 2018

The jobs that scare you s***less are the most important ones

30 Jul 2018

A good reputation travels further than your work

28 Jul 2018

Set up specfic web surfing times for the day to avoid procrastination

25 Jul 2018

Include only your latest and best work on your portfolio

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